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Seizure disorders
Seizure disorders definition - MedicineNet - Health and Medical

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Our Seizure (Epilepsy) Main Article provides a comprehensive look at the who, what, when and how of Seizure (Epilepsy) Definition of Seizure disorders Epilepsy Slideshow Brain Disorders Image Collection Take the Epilepsy (Seizure Disorder) Quiz Seizure disorders: One of a great many medical conditions that are characterized by episodes of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain (seizures). Some seizure disorders are hereditary, but others are caused by birth defects or environmental hazards, such as lead poisoning. Seizure disorders are more likely to develop in patients who have other neurological disorders, psychiatric conditions, or immune-system problems. In some cases, uncontrolled seizures can cause brain damage, lowered inligence, and permanent mental and physical impairment. Diagnosis is by observation, neurological examination, electroencephalogram (EEG), and in some cases more advanced brain imaging techniques. Treatment is usually by medication, although in difficult cases a special diet or brain surgery may be tried. See also epilepsy, seizure types and specific seizure disorders: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Ramsey Hunt syndrome, seizure.

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Seizure disorders